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Capture Strategy

Capture Strategy

Capture StrategyRed Team provides capture strategy, management, and planning with the primary objective of helping you pursue, position, and win a federal contract. In our 12 years in business, Red Team has participated or led over 100 capture efforts, and our capture expertise has led to significant contract wins for our clients including a $100 million Department of State global IT contract, a $50 million DHS talent management contract, a $50 million FDA scientific contract, and numerous multi-billion dollar IDIQ contracts from both DoD and Civilian agencies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Capture Strategy and Planning
  • Win Strategy and Win Theming
  • Competitive Analysis and Black Hat
  • Marketing, Communications, and Call Planning
  • Teaming Strategy and Development
  • Bid/No-bid Assessment
  • Capture Plan Reviews
  • Price to Win
  • Branding and Messaging

We have simplified the complexity of capture into simple, meaningful steps. Red Team’s key capture steps involve defining win strategies and themes, influencing the opportunity, improving customer advocacy, researching the competition, assembling the team, and performing price to win. We emphasize continued data collection that will improve your probability of win and yield meaningful information for the proposal itself. We can help you prioritize your capture plan and will help you revise this plan as additional RFP information is provided.

Red Team's Capture Strategy Methodology

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