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Become A Consultant

Become A Consultant

Looking for opportunities to serve as an independent consultant through Red Team?

We are always interested in talking to intelligent, dynamic, energetic, and proven proposal professionals. If you are interested in joining our team as an independent consultant, please send us your resume. Before submitting your resume, please take a few minutes and complete this survey so we can better match opportunities for you. After completing the survey, you will be automatically returned to this web page, where you can submit your resume HERE.

Listed below are the positions and skill sets that are in greatest demand from our clients.

Proposal Manager
  • Develop proposal tools such as outlines, compliance matrices, schedules, progress trackers, milestone lists, color review sheets, and other materials.
  • Run large strategic meetings such as kick-off meetings, bulleting sessions, storyboarding sessions, color review meetings, and other proposal strategy discussions.
  • Ongoing management of schedule.
  • Resource workload distribution.
  • Responsibility for ongoing communication of proposal status with client.
  • Submission and tracking of questions to the Federal Government.
  • Managing production and final submission.
  • Monitor status of authors and provide direction and the schedule for all reviews.
Proposal Writer
  • Work with content contributors, subject matter experts (SME), operational staff, and business development teams to build the narrative, feature/benefit statements, and proof points against solutions.
  • Handle strategy, research, analysis, volume development, and make strategic recommendations to capture and proposal managers.
  • Develop new content with input or work with existing content to address management and past performance volumes.
  • Participate in technical solution meetings with SMEs to assist in the development of Work Breakdown Structures or project schedules, capture meeting notes, and ensure that the proposal is in compliance with RFP requirements.
  • Interview SMEs to write compliant and compelling text for all technical responses.
  • Tailor previously written material from client proposals, and ensure that win themes resonate.
  • Ensure adherence to client style standards, correct spelling, and grammar.
Proposal Coordinator
  • Interfacing with subcontractors for collecting data call information, working with individual content contributors to make sure deadlines are met, and collecting and compiling color review feedback into a cohesive document.
  • Monitoring status of proposal tasks.
  • Develop and track data calls to subcontractors.
  • Coordination of production activities.
  • Documentation of review results.
  • Kickoff meeting facilitation and meeting organization.
  • Management of desktop publishing and editing.
Pricing Support
  • Review of Indirect Rates to be used for the proposal to assess competitiveness.
  • Provide recommendations as needed based on scope of work and/or competitor analysis.
  • Review work breakdown structure and assess for price realism.
  • Review of Other Direct Costs and Subcontractors to ensure price reasonableness and accounting mechanics.
  • Evaluate overall cost submission to ensure compliancy, consistency and competitiveness.
Proposal Editor
  • Possess a range of proposal skills such as writing, desktop publishing, and compliance reviews.
  • Editing text for grammar, readability, and “one voice” and identify gaps in the proposal response and provide guidance for expanding or substantiating the content.
  • Technical editors: expertise in certain subject matters and can make changes and edits real-time that directly correlate to the management, technical, or past performance information sections of a proposal.
  • Non-technical editors: focus on grammar, organization, and content structure.
Graphic Designer
  • Design and edit illustrations, charts, infographics, and photos that are compliant and compelling.
  • Expertise in graphic software including Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), Microsoft PowerPoint, and Visio.
  • Work with clients and SMEs to develop conceptual graphics that tie to the messaging, theme, and approach for specific proposal sections.
  • Generate visually appealing technical graphics either from scratch or from existing client material.
Desktop Publisher
  • Ensure proposal is organized to the formatting requirements of the RFP, and is well-structured to ease evaluation.
  • Collaborate with clients to ensure font size, margin spacing, page numbering, dates, tables, charts, and diagrams are aligned to proposal instructions.
  • Utilize and update a client’s existing style guide.
  • Expertise with style sheets in Microsoft Word.

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